#29: ARoom (Budapest) – Metro

A really enjoyable set with no major problems, Metro was a good fun game and my favourite of the current offerings at ARoom.

Rating: ★★★☆☆
Team:Rhubarb Rhubarb
Date:23 March 2019
Hints taken:4 out of a maximum of 5

Front & Briefing

See Bank Robbery (#28). We played Metro immediately after ARoom’s other game, with a short break presumably while they were resetting from the previous team. Metro is next door to Bank Robbery in ARoom’s courtyard and the rest of the set up was the same.


Find and defuse a bomb on the Budapest Metro! An impressive set complete with all the things you would expect from a small subway station. There was very little to fault here, though the physical limits of the space meant there was an area I was expecting to get into that never materialised. That’s a minor complaint in a set that felt authentic while allowing you to do things you wouldn’t expect to get to do on a subway, which added some novelty.


Like Bank Robbery, the progress of the game was fairly linear. The puzzles were a nice mix, though lacked the major physical challenge found in Bank Robbery. There was a bit of mental arithmetic expected but it wasn’t as onerous here (though we did have to take a hint to know we had to perform some). We also had two puzzle/set malfunctions; to the GM’s credit they noticed after we were fumbling around and let us know what to fix the first one; for the second one the GM had to come into the room and give a set piece a kick (almost literally!). They apologised for the fault immediately and let us know they’d give us the time back, so I felt satisfied with how this was handled.

Hint system

We took four hints out of a maximum of five. The hints generally came in the form of pre-written text on the TV screen. While the GMs seemed to be on the ball in noticing the technical difficulties above, there was sometimes a curiously long wait between pressing the hint buzzer and actually getting a reply – I think this is because we had a shared GM.


The finale was nicely done and found a way to engage all three of our team. It involved a bit of escape room logic here rather than what you might expect given the theme, but it was fun nonetheless.


Congratulations on the screen and from the GM in person, and they were happy to run through puzzles before taking us back to the reception area.

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