#30: MindQuest (Budapest) – Legacy of Noo’zaca

One of the best escape rooms I’ve played recently; I’d highly recommend Legacy of Noo’zaca – it is a must-play game if you’re visiting Budapest.

Rating: ★★★★☆
Team:Rhubarb Rhubarb
Date:23 March 2019
Hints taken:3

Front & Briefing

MindQuest has probably the most memorable location for an escape room I’ve visited at the time of writing (#43), situated above one of Budapest’s “ruin bars” – pubs that have set up in somewhat ruined old buildings. After entering the bar, turn immediately left and look for the door with MindQuest’s logo on it, then go up the stairs and follow the signs to a beautiful mezzanine.

MindQuest seem to be occupying most of the space on this floor; after checking into reception we were led back out to one of the decorated doors to start our game.


An Incan ruin themed room; the aim is to gain entry to a temple and recover an artefact from within. The set was designed and executed perfectly; I haven’t done a lot of temple ruin themed games, but this was up to the standard of the temple section of the now-closed Time Run game, surpassing it in a few ways. There were some faint references to some films of this theme too, and generally it felt very authentic.


The storyline gave leeway for some impressive effects and there was not a padlock to be seen through the game. Clearly a lot of effort had gone into creating the puzzles and mechanisms, and none of them fell flat either. We found there was plenty to look at and investigate while not straying into red-herring territory. Three people was just about right for this room.

Hint system

Hints arrive solely at the GM’s discretion, using a TV screen mounted above the entrance. This had been thought out in advance, with two photo clues and one hand-written text clue. The photos had been well planned in that they didn’t necessarily give the game away immediately.


We saw it coming, but the game had one last bit of fun with us that was enjoyable. The artefact itself was nicely done.


The GM came to the room to congratulate us, and took a photo of us at reception which is uploaded to their Facebook page. We also got to sign their wall with a felt-tip.

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