#33: Enigma Mission (Budapest) – Enigma Mission

My first 90-minute escape room, and while I was starting to feel the time, there was enough variation throughout to keep the team occupied, and the puzzles generally made up for what the decoration lacked. Overall a very satisfying experience!

Rating: ★★★☆☆
Team:Rhubarb Rhubarb
Date:24 March 2019
Hints taken:4
Time:85m out of 90
URL:Enigma Mission

Front & Briefing

Enigma Mission is a single-room venue and the foyer reflected this, being just a single sofa and a desk. The GM was just finishing resetting the room when we arrived but after that we had the full attention of two very friendly members of staff, which was nice!

We were briefed in the lobby rather than the room itself, which is common for the UK but less so in Budapest, then led into the room.

This was a 90 minute game! I’d not played such a long one before and was curious to see whether it could hold together and keep my attention for that long.


The theming of Enigma Mission is pretty minimal; it was nominally to retrieve an artefact called Enigma but there was no coherent theme running through the game. It was clearly a homemade game done on a budget, with one very impressive bit of tech towards the end of the game (unfortunately playable by only one member of the team). The place felt like it could do with a clean a little more often than it got, especially in a section that needed you to get down on the floor.


The puzzles were varied, and while they were mostly quite low tech and using off-the-shelf items, they were more inventive than average even when there were padlocks involved. There was even a section that used a single-use component that we were reasonably sure what to do with, but had to call out to the GM to let us know if we were about the break the game! The puzzles called on multiple skill sets and there was value in determining which member of the team was best suited to solving certain ones in particular. One puzzle was made significantly harder for bespectacled people, which was unfortunately the whole team today!

Hint system

Hints at the GM’s discretion from a supposed remote agent called “Alexandra” who was absolutely just the GM; another example of the theme falling a little flat. That said, the GM was clearly paying attention to us and judged when to give us clues (via the room’s loudspeakers) appropriately.


Getting the “Enigma” artefact involved several more stages than I’d expected and honestly it seemed to drag out a little. The space Enigma Mission had to work with was large and it felt at times they were adding extra things just to fill it up. The artefact itself was also a little disappointing – this seems like a silly thing to bring up but is another example of the budget of this game letting it down a little.


The GM was happy to run through things with us, and took our photo in the room.

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