#42: Mystique Room (Budapest) – The Cathedral

A pretty basic escape room, with some theming that was “good enough” but puzzles that were generally not very exciting.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ (Not recommended)
Team:Rhubarb Rhubarb
Date:26 March 2019
Hints taken:2
URL:Mystique Room

Front & Briefing

Back in Mystique Room’s main building after finishing their newer room Pirate Bay (#41) and with another story recited that, like Mystique’s lesser offerings, bore little relevance to the actual room (in short: collect the artefacts), we were shown into the room, a medieval-themed room based about the notion of a medieval cathedral.


The old basement of the Mystique Room property lent itself well to this theme, and some parts were simply uncovered wall. There were props and decorations you might expect from the theme, and not a lot in the way of major set pieces; certainly nothing with any kind of wow factor. Breaking immersion was a lot of padlocks, though other puzzles used more authentic-seeming devices, and there was some electronic tech behind the scenes in a couple of places.


Very little out of the ordinary, including one game that is seriously overused in escape rooms (in fact, Mystique Room’s own Tower of Wollongong (#37) contained one of these puzzles in it; as I mentioned for Pirate Bay (#41), it’s very disappointing when one venue recycles puzzles). Finding the combos for the padlocks was fairly run of the mill too, though there were a couple of more interesting puzzles based around this. One of the more high tech puzzles required a bit too much of a logic leap and we had to take two clues before we understood what to do and what that had done; as far as I could tell there was no signposting for it at all.

Hint system

Walkie-talkie with the GM. Unlike some of Mystique Room’s games, this one did have a countdown timer on display.


As with most collect-the-artefacts games, there was an element of non-linearity to it, and what ends up being your final puzzle depends on which puzzle you finished last. Inevitably we finished the most tiresome one last, and it was one where the last team member (of three) was just sat down waiting for the other two, so probably the least exciting finish I remember in an escape game recently.


As with the other games, the GM met us and there were some costumes to wear for a group photo, which the GM took using one of our own cameras.

Final thoughts

It’s interesting to see the earlier games from a venue that also has some good ones on offer (see Pirate Bay (#41) and Time Machine (#38)), and finding out where their initial strengths were and how they’ve learned from what didn’t work in the earlier rooms such as this one. Unfortunately, that doesn’t change the fact that this was a pretty basic escape room.

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