I’m a UK-based escape room enthusiast; my first experience with escape rooms was in January 2016 when I was invited along to play Enter the Oubliette’s Escape From New Pelagia (thank you Jodi!) which instantly had me hooked.

My favourite types of rooms are one with strong immersion and a nice variety of puzzles. I love a strong finale too!

I aim to avoid spoilers and to be as fair as possible with my reviews (I won’t write anything less than a week after playing, ideally more); if I’ve got any details wrong or erred too far into detail about specifics of the room, let me know and I’ll attempt to correct it.

You can get in touch with me either by commenting on a review directly, or by emailing me at withoutapadlock@nivan.net


Rating system

I rate each room out of five stars for how easily I would recommend the room for others. My ratings are harsher than the ones you would find on (eg) TripAdvisor and are aimed at teams that have maybe already done a few escape rooms and are looking for something that stands out and is memorable.

Five stars ★★★★★ are for rooms of an exceptionally high quality and so enjoyable that I would suggest people travel afar to do them.

Four stars ★★★★ are for rooms that I thought very highly of and would absolutely recommend people try if they are in the area.

Three stars ★★★ are for rooms that were good and I would recommend to others to try.

Two stars ★★ are for rooms that I would not recommend.

One star ★ is reserved for rooms which have critical problems with them or that we otherwise had a terrible experience with on the day.

All the rooms I’ve reviewed are ranked roughly by the order I enjoyed them on the Reviews page.

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